The Blue Fox

Here is another interesting story, about another fantasy creature, that Iyorgo know most of you have never heard. This one is called Blue Fox.  I am tired, as I’ve just returned from my trip out east, but I cannot let my readers down!!… Here is the storyThe blue fox was born from the family of foxes named Yorgi. That family lived in the dunes by the sea, and they raised all of the children foxes to catch fish, as most other foxes did not have this skill. They were taught more about hiding in the forest and praying on the farmer’s sheep. The Blue Fox hs hair, that blend into its surroundings, which is why it was predominantly blue. This family of foxes was notorious in nearby lands, as they knew more about the ocean than many of the mermaids and pirates in the area. They could dive down to the bottom of the ocean on one breath, and they could swim for miles, and quickly too! This small family on 25 or so foxes, lived in exclusivity for most of their lives- it wasn’t until one was seen diving deep in the ocean by a clam catcher on his boat. He made a deal with Jirri The Blue Fox, to teach and become his lead diver and catcher. Jirri was obliged that the man wanted his services.

Soon they had a thriving business at their hands. All the little blue foxes were taught to dive at a young age, and they became fierce ocean predators. It wasn’t until one day, the old angry shore sea-turtle, who policed the shore, showed up at his doorstep with attack weapons, and gave him a summon to stop his services, as it was putting other catchers out of business. Jirri was faced with a tough decision. He decided that his services were too good to stop, and he was promptly arrested the next day.
In prison, he met a pirate, who decided to back the blue fox. He said he would overtake the government and police the shores for Blue Fox. He also taught the blue fox that he could be more invisible, by applying penguin powder upon his sheath. With near invisibility and the ability to move quick in the water, the old sea turtle couldn’t catch him anymore. The next week, the pirate came and took over the cover. It was found out soon enough, that the old sea turtle was a criminal and had been killing many of the townspeople through bribery and other schemes. He was overthrown and taken out to sea by the great cove whale.

Comicon And The Birch Fairy!

Hey Folks! I’m currently riding around in a limo right now, on my way to Comicon.

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In case you don’t know what Comicon is, it is a massive festival filled with fantasy creatures, comics and other warriors of the fictional realm. It really is a great thing to do if you happen to be in the Northeast this weekend. In fact, if any of you loyal mountaineers happen to be in the area, give me a call at 555-090-3232 or if you know me personally, call my cell. I would love to Meet up!DCF 1.0

So today we want to go into more detail about something that I saw here Comicon-it’s called Birch Fairy. Many of you probably have never heard of this creature and that’s why wanted to unveil it right now today. So what is the story of the Birch fairy? Good question. Let’s get right into it:

The Birch fairy, in the fairy language, means the grandmother of all fairies. She was the descendent of all that came before her, which isn’t that many lines of genetics, in medieval times. But her story is very peculiar. She used to live high up in the trees at the beginning of her life and learned all the typical things that fairies use. You learn how to use the fairy dust for good, become incredible guides, and helpers to people that they choose. Her friend Margaret, the oaks very daughter was very jealous that the Birch Fairy was chosen by village town person before her, and she remained jealous for her whole life. It wasn’t until years later that they met each other again in Mysticwood, in passing. She was harassed and deeply hurt. A few nearby deer slugs heard this and went to see if things were alright. If you know the nature of deer slugs, they react very quickly and very brashly. On behalf of the Birch Fairy, they went and hurt the oak fairy daughter. She scampered on and flew back home and told her father about what had happened. Oak fairy, for those who don’t know, was a torturous brutal fairy. He was known to keep other fairies in bottles for long periods of time- Birch fairy suffered the same fate.

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We Begin Our Quest

Budapest clearly knows about Gryphons!

Today we begin our quest, to learn as much as possible about Gryphons. They are exuberant creatures with a lot of interesting characteristics. But it brings up the question, what is the perfect gryphon? Gryphons typically have eagle and or hawk talons, a big hairy body, and are covered in what some might call leprechaun fur.  Leprechaun fur is the stuff of legends that makes one lucky.

With gryphons covered in the hair, it makes them infinitely luckier. What does it mean to have a lucky gryphon? They can attack quicker, more of their attacks will strike and they are stronger. Aside form this, they have big, lion-like bodies that are devastatingly strong. They can run quickly and whip their tails if needed to kill prey.

But not only this, but they have an eagles head. Eagle heads are triumphant and incredible as they have the beak of courage that can kill any opponent. Their eyes are of a cat, mixed with a hawk, which allows them to see in the dark and will also allow them to see incredible distances.

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