Budapest clearly knows about Gryphons!

Today we begin our quest, to learn as much as possible about Gryphons. They are exuberant creatures with a lot of interesting characteristics. But it brings up the question, what is the perfect gryphon? Gryphons typically have eagle and or hawk talons, a big hairy body, and are covered in what some might call leprechaun fur.  Leprechaun fur is the stuff of legends that makes one lucky.

With gryphons covered in the hair, it makes them infinitely luckier. What does it mean to have a lucky gryphon? They can attack quicker, more of their attacks will strike and they are stronger. Aside form this, they have big, lion-like bodies that are devastatingly strong. They can run quickly and whip their tails if needed to kill prey.

But not only this, but they have an eagles head. Eagle heads are triumphant and incredible as they have the beak of courage that can kill any opponent. Their eyes are of a cat, mixed with a hawk, which allows them to see in the dark and will also allow them to see incredible distances.

The gryphon species was born in the most mystical of ways. It is said that two trolls met each other in a crowded wood. Each troll was a fur trader and had a variety of animal parts in their trunks, at their disposal. Being mischievous and as creepy as they are, they went under a bridge an started slicing and dicing up the animal fur and connecting it all together like that of Frankenstein.

Once this weird contraction of a species was put together, all that they needed to do was open up their revive potion, sprinkle on bit of fairy blood, and the gryphon would have come to life. They knew that the gryphon would be a super animal of its kind, and they were careful with it, but can you believe that they forgot their fairy blood?

They left the gryphon there to go and get some fairy blood to finish the task. In the meantime, a fairy had flow under the bridge and come across the gryphon. Because some fairies from the North are partially blind, she wasn’t able to tell that the animal was a pieced together contraction of skins and furs from many animals. Not knowing what she was reviving, she sprinkled a bit of blood over the gryphon, and it came to life before her. After doing so, the gryphon came to life in savage form, and tore apart the fairy into pieces, and ran off into the distance. This spawned the gryphon species.

After the trolls returned to find the gryphon gone and a mauled fairy, they knew that they had created a monster. They alerted al the town’s people to take part on the hunt to take town the gryphon. It was unsuccessful, as the gryphon species had moved so far south at that point to spawn, and create the gryphons we know today.

Cool huh?

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