Next Up, Enter The Kraken!

Some of you might be familiar with the Kraken Booze (click here to see the insanely good alcohol that has gotten me super drunk many times).  That’s not what we are talking about today, even though I could recount memories from years of drinking.  What we are talking about, is the legendary serpentine squid that ruled the waters alongside serpents, giant turtles, mega-sharks and other sea monsters.  The story of the Kraken is one that is legendary and spans way back.Kraken

Legend has it that the Wizard of East Kilban, was a disgruntled advisor alongside the East King.  The East King was facing struggles out east, as the village people were revolting and his own son was turning against him. The people lost faith, and he lost faith in himself He issued a decree, that banned all creatures from the inner walls of the kingdoms, and subjected them to exile. The entire ruling was based around the framing of the great village werewolf. It was said that the werewolf killed one of the village children as a sacrifice to the gods, but the King was covering up for his own son.

The people knew this, but the King could not admit it, as his throne would fall. So,  in a triumphant march, the king took every ounce of creature and magic, and ejected them from Creatura. The march went 3 miles, and all of the village people lined the streets to throw rocks and rotten vegetables at the magical creatures. As they reached the pier, the boat had loaded them up, one by one. Many villagers were crying, as they were losing dear friends, whom they knew posed no harm.

The ship set sail as they were all cast off in the morning. About a day into their exile to faraway lands, the magical creatures started whispering, and talking about the ordeal. In disguise and code, they devised a way to get back at the King. The wizard of East Kilban, who was best friends with the great werewolf, became their fearsome leader. What was the plan? Here goes:

He knew a call to the wild spell that would summon great creatures to come near. He knew that at that point, he would be able to issue a wrangle spell, and control the mind of that animal. It had been thousands of years since the wizard had tried it (after all, Wizards live 2,000-3,000 years on average). He warned the cabins of creatures, that he would summon creatures from the deep at midnight. In the darkness, the wizard began his chants, and his tribal knocking. Within 2 minutes, a gigantic Kraken appeared and knocked the side of the boat to rock it. Within minutes, the crew became disoriented and thrown overboard, as dinner for the mighty kraken. Many of the creatures decided to move along and ride the krakens back to safety, But the more vengeful, rode back into the city on a fierce attack that killed many of the townspeople.

Check back soon for the rest of the story!