trollThe Royal troll, is a gross and slithery creature, who is popular in fairytales. Who is he? Well he is a living creature in whom used to live in the depths who somehow snuck into town, and from there conned his way into the royal family, as a butler. See below for the full story of this mega-creep creature who we’ve come to know well over here:  The story of the royal troll, is one that has been changed for many years, but we have the real true version. The troll was a ghastly beast who lived under the town square bridge. People would rarely walk by on this side of town, if only for the reason that the stench in the area was so bad- never mind the gurgleings and rumbles that his stomach would make under the bridge. He would eat fish bones and carcasses that he found, I wonder why!?!? He is also the only one in the city grumpy enough, to chase children around, so that they knew not to come near that bridge ever again. He was a poor old soul. But trolls are different. They have such gross exteriors, but wonderful interiors as people.

Trolls possess an extremely rare thing in their blood, that allows them to pass by unnoticed (only when kempt). It wasn’t until one day that the royal troll chased a boy so far away from the bridge, that he fell into a pond, off the other end of the pier, he scrambled around in the water for a long time. He arrived out of the water, completely clean, as it was the stream of youth, which has powerful healing properties. The troll worriedly scampered back to his hideout under the bridge. People started walking over the bridge, as there was no more smell. HE realized that his ugly face wasn’t as ugly anymore, and he smelled fresh- he was no longer gross and scary. With a new, sense of confidence, he walked out into the streets and felt like a normal guy. he bought a suit and walked up to the gates of the royal castle. He walked in and promptly got a job as a waiter at the royal WEDDING.

He was very proud at this point. He was serving drinks to the toads, princesses, princes and the family at the wedding, and was becoming the loyal servant that he knew he could be inside. It wasn’t until he snuck a piece of the food away to have a bite, that somebody caught him. Startled, he turned and spilled it all over himself, and worse than that, it was the smelliest cheese at the. Haunted from the memories under the bridge, the troll snapped. He ran around the wedding scaring everyone in sight. The townspeople ran back to their homes in fear. Eventually, the soldiers were summoned to the castle, we a spear was thrown to thwart the troll. It went right through his heart. This is why they sometime say the spirit of the troll lives on inside the castle walls.