Hey Folks! I’m currently riding around in a limo right now, on my way to Comicon.

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In case you don’t know what Comicon is, it is a massive festival filled with fantasy creatures, comics and other warriors of the fictional realm. It really is a great thing to do if you happen to be in the Northeast this weekend. In fact, if any of you loyal mountaineers happen to be in the area, give me a call at 555-090-3232 or if you know me personally, call my cell. I would love to Meet up!DCF 1.0

So today we want to go into more detail about something that I saw here Comicon-it’s called Birch Fairy. Many of you probably have never heard of this creature and that’s why wanted to unveil it right now today. So what is the story of the Birch fairy? Good question. Let’s get right into it:

The Birch fairy, in the fairy language, means the grandmother of all fairies. She was the descendent of all that came before her, which isn’t that many lines of genetics, in medieval times. But her story is very peculiar. She used to live high up in the trees at the beginning of her life and learned all the typical things that fairies use. You learn how to use the fairy dust for good, become incredible guides, and helpers to people that they choose. Her friend Margaret, the oaks very daughter was very jealous that the Birch Fairy was chosen by village town person before her, and she remained jealous for her whole life. It wasn’t until years later that they met each other again in Mysticwood, in passing. She was harassed and deeply hurt. A few nearby deer slugs heard this and went to see if things were alright. If you know the nature of deer slugs, they react very quickly and very brashly. On behalf of the Birch Fairy, they went and hurt the oak fairy daughter. She scampered on and flew back home and told her father about what had happened. Oak fairy, for those who don’t know, was a torturous brutal fairy. He was known to keep other fairies in bottles for long periods of time- Birch fairy suffered the same fate.

Within a day, he had the fairy Birch caught in captive, in a jar for his own torment, for years. The Birch Fairy was active, and being in the jar, slowly eroded the use of her legs and wings. She was not even able to slither along like a slug, the very creature causing her this pain. Her wings were gone and she turned old and gray, and was left for dead. Even though fairies can go years without food, she went more years without food than any other fairy in history.

She was dead inside, sitting in her jar. By then, the oak fairy had passed away and the birch fairy was forgotten. A boy named Jeremiah, opened a cupboard some thousand years later, to see the od gray birch fairy, and wondered what she was. A weird array of black and white (like a birch tree) she barely moved. He took her out and placed her on his shoulder- this nursed her back to health along with care, food and pixie potion. Even though she couldn’t fly anymore, she was now the smartest fairy to live- as she had thousands of years in solitude to think the world through. The Mighty Jeremiah…. will be the next story (Hint: He goes by a more popular name now that you know.) Either way, we will get into this detail next chapter.