mythical_monster_by_wanderingstreetGryphon mountain is incredible. As many of you know, gryphons are fearsome and scary creatures that are put together, and contain many pieces of other animals. This site is 100% dedicated to gryphons and everything that they represent. In case you didn’t know, gryphons can be fierce creatures as well- we cover all of this throughout this blog. In this blog, we will not only go over all things fantasy, but we will also do other legendary fantasy animals their justice. Right down to phoenix’s, serpents, dragons, werewolves, trolls and fairies.

Some may wonder why even make this site? Well, its because our culture is slowly syphoning out the beauty of fun, mythical things, and it is necessary to spread the education of fantasy. We need to dream, and this is part of it. Do you like Harry Potter, or Lord Of The Rings- well guess what… Some of those creatures are real, and existed in the past, and you enjoy those novels as literature in modern society, so we need to further the education. We will be having meetings weekly at the local Washington Choate Hall. Feel free to dress as you’d like to. Also, get ready for a blog sometime soon.